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    Our client currently has their POS system export a select product (“Web Enabled”) list each day to a remote FTP site. These are always .dat files. I’m not exactly sure why the POS system people export these files instead of xml or csv files, but that seems to be the way they’re doing things. I also believe they strip the headers out of the exports (those are kept in a separate file).

    Do you know of a way that we could still use your deluxe importer plugin to reach out via ftp to these files once a day and update price and stock quantities accordingly? We’d very much like to figure this out, and would even be willing to hire someone to do some extra work to make this happen.

    Thank you!


    Michael Visser

    Hi Evan, this response has been a long time coming (I haven’t enabled notifications for bbPress topics, I’m working on it).

    If the file provided by your supplier includes a SKU or Product Name column then we can automatically link the Product and update its Price and Sale Price, adding support for *.dat files is easily done via a WordPress Filter so that it won’t be rejected. You can configure our CRON import engine to automatically import the changes each day via a Cron Job.

    Feel free to open a Support ticket if you haven’t already so we can look at this together 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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