Product Description

Product Importer Deluxe is a user-friendly Product importer enabling store owners to bulk import Products, Variations, Categories, Tags, and other Product details into your WooCommerce store.

Upgrading immediately makes it possible to bulk import:

  • Products – Simple, External, Variable, Variations, Simple Subscriptions and more
  • Global and per-Product Attributes
  • Featured Image and Product Gallery images
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Brands
  • File Downloads
  • Up-sell and Cross-sells
  • Custom Product meta

New Product details are being added with each major Plugin update and regular minor Plugin updates add new import fields ready to be included in imports.

Product Importer Deluxe can merge Product changes against existing Products with live and post-import reporting. Product details assigned to Products within the CSV file are all generated at import time making setting up your next store a simple one-step import process.

To make store migrations even easier we include free licenses of our popular export Plugin Store Exporter Deluxe so you can immediately export Products from existing WooCommerce store’s ensuring import compatibility.

Native imports

We natively import Product details from many popular WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins including:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Multilingual (WPML)
  • WooCommerce Custom Fields
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite
  • Simple SEO Meta Tags
  • YITH Brands
  • Jigoshop SEO Deluxe
  • Ultimate SEO
  • Yoast’s WordPress SEO
  • Custom Fields
  • MP3 Player Plugin for WordPress
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Related Products
  • Wholesale Pricing

Native support for additional Plugins are being added with each minor Plugin update and are available to import as soon as you update.



  •  WooCommerce (up to 2.6.*)
  •  Jigoshop (up to 1.17.*)
  •  WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to
  •  WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.11.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page as well as opening Dashboard > Updates from the WordPress Administration of your store.


  1. Howdy Michael, I’ve got everything working now, which is awesome, however the product weight and weight unit is not acting correctly. if i say 14 kilograms it converts the weight to 6.35 kgs. In the list view you see 6.35 kgs but when you edit the product it says 6.35 Pounds. Bit unsure why it converts the weight but all the other dimensions whether they are in cm, inches, etc works correctly

    I’ve done an import with the default importer that comes with WP E-Commerce and it puts in the correct weight according to my csv.

    • Same problem here… I put in g for grams but it shows up at pounds and my weight based shipping get screwed up.

        • Hey! Now grams work fine, but it converts the value… I put in 500 g and in the product it shows up as 226796.19 g??? I need help with this asap please =)

          • Hi Thomas, I’m seeing this only affecting Products with ‘grams’ in the unit weight. It’s being stored correctly in the database, I’ll do some playing and make sure WP e-Commerce itself isn’t causing the grief. 🙂

  2. Category importer :

    It seems that Category importer supports only 1 sub-level…. The instructions mentions that should drill down up to 3 levels deep

    Clothes>Men >Casual

    Am I doing doing wrong ?



  3. v

    Category importer :

    When importing 2 sub-categories :
    * dictionary>French
    * Language>French

    Just ONE ‘French’ category is imported

    Thanks in advance


  4. Hi, I was wondering if you have a sample file for the latest version that has the variation support. I am wondering how to format my file with the variations so they upload correctly.

    Thanks, Julie

  5. To which folder do I upload images if i am using WP E-Commerce 3.8.3?

    • Hi Kim, in WP e-Commerce 3.8.3 you upload Product images to /wp-content/uploads/%year%/%month%/, replacing %year% and %month% with the current date. This is explained within the provided readme.txt within the Plugin archive.

      • Oh, I was reading the readme on the website and it says coming soon . . . will use the readme inside the plugin files from now on.

          • Hi
            OK, the only thing that I can’t get right is the Stock Quantity. How do I set this in the csv to zero stock so it can’t get ordered?
            I currently have it as 0 in the quantity column which isn’t working.

  6. Just purchased Product Importer Deluxe today. My plugin page shows version, wp e-commerce is 3.8.4, Gold Cart is 2.9.2 and WP is 3.1.3. I’m setting up the site under MAMP (localhost install).

    I’ve set up a test CSV file with image info but after I import it, image is not included in field mapping nor do I see any of the Step 3 import options.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Bill, please check that you’ve given WordPress enough memory. There are no conditional checks on version for the Image field or Import Options so you should be seeing both regardless of WP e-Commerce version or Gold Cart, etc. If you can send me your I’ll compare it against my own to be sure it’s fine. Thanks Bill 🙂

      • Michael found the problem offline. It involved poor reading skills on my part! Thanks.

  7. I am sure I can, but just wanted to confirm that I can use Importer Deluxe to add products to an existing WP E-Commerce shop with hundreds of existing products? (Assuming that I should definitely back up my database and files before hand ;-))

    And also how do I format the Categories & Tags fields in the CSV file?
    You’ve got the following in your example: Party>Federalist|Home State>Massachusetts,Federalist|Massachusetts,

    What are the > and the | ?

    Thanks, Kim

  8. v

    Hi Michael,

    Things are working much better with this update. Very good job !

    I detected a couple of things to be fixed or explained:

    Category :
    * 316 categories are still producing more than 700.000 records in wp_wpsc_meta

    Products :
    * When merging changes into existing products, price update do not work (message : “A duplicate SKU already exists”). If SKU is the same, the record should be update. Isn’t it ?

    * When merging changes into existing products, a new product is not added if not found in catalogue. If SKU is different when merging records, the new record should be add to the catalogue…. BUT this option works when importing WITHOUT merging changes into existing Products (old records are omitted and new record is add).

    Thanks again


    • I get this error after a couple seconds of attempted import.
      “Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 31719424) (tried to allocate 871 bytes) in …/wp-includes/media.php on line 254”

      I have added “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’96M’);” to wp-config as suggested in documentation.

      • With that said, 19 of my 800 products were successfully imported. Custom fields, images, etc. It’s a start! 🙂

      • False alarm! I tested it on my MAMP server and everything worked great!

        I’ll see what the deal is with my host.

        Thank you for the hard work, Michael. Any hope in the ability to merge custom field updates?

        • zachary, good stuff. You had me worried!

          I’ll be looking at this for the next minor Plugin update, currently file download is not working within merge which I’ll be sorting out too. Thanks for your patience 🙂

          • I’m also having trouble updating Categories? What are the instructions for doing this…particularly if I would like to add a category to a product that already exists in other categories?

    • NicoWeb,

      Did you have success merging category changes into your products? I can’t find documentation on how to do this on this website.

      • Zachary

        Managing (and importing) categories still seems something tricky. I’m actually working manually on my 333 categories. I will wait for an plugin update to test merging categories.


      • Hi zachary, I’m updating the documentation section for this Plugin as well as outlining current features and pending features.

        Product Importer Deluxe does not yet support the updating of Categories to existing Products through the merge feature, once I have a recursive solution for the sub-Category drill-downs I can apply this feature to merge but until then you will need to remove and re-insert Products requiring new Category associations.

        • Just an additional voice: I would also like to see the updating of categories through the merge feature.

  9. In Importer Deluxe. I can’t seem to get the File Download working. I tested with supplied sample CSV file and created a dummy downloadable file with same name as the one in the CSV ( But it does not get attached. Is there something I am missing? The rest of the process seems to be working. I have about a thousand files to attach to products.

  10. When I am importing products i use the “Assigned an external URL column for Products in the CSV file” option for uploading images. Now the images are uploading to the wpsc/product_images folder and it creates the thumbs but, when i view the products the images aren’t attaching to them. also the price, sale price and all the dimensions are not being applied. I’ve followed the CSV format they suggest but i’m still having these issues.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

      • Hi Michael, much appreciated for getting back to me. the version of e-commerce i’m using is 3.8. and just to reiterate, the images are not attaching themselves to the products but they are uploading. also the dimentions are not being actioned, as well as the sku and prices are just incrementing not being added form the csv.

        cheers again.

        • Hi Tom, I’ll be looking at this today, can you shoot through WP Admin, CSV and FTP access so I can confirm my changes are working in your store.

          Just pushed out the minor Plugin update to support merging Products in WP e-Commerce 3.8 with the additional of Permalink, Height, Length and Width dimensions.

          • Howdy Michael, I’m sorry if I’ve missed your reply but how did you go with this issue. I currenly have the images working fine now but the others (dimentions, sku, prices) are still not working correctly
            Cheers mate

  11. This is very frustrating…but I have tried to update the products and load the images. I get two different messages:

    Products that failed minimum data requirements…which each product had all of the required data fields…and then

    A duplicate SKU already already exists. I have permanently deleted all the products twice now to try to get this to work.

  12. Michael,

    -upload is locking up (shows the “Grab a beer…” screen for a few seconds and goes to white) and only 28 of my 840 products are imported.
    -I have tried importing just the minimun fields (sku, name, price, category) and that bumps me up to 84 of 840 successful imports. Still with no success or error message.
    -I have also tried converting everything to plain text, and have tried doing a “;” separated csv

    Not sure where to go from here.

  13. Importer v2.8.4.1

    * ‘Additional Description’ field doesn’t seem to be imported
    * When merging changes into existing Products, NO changes (in price for example). Message line saying : A duplicate SKU already exists.


      • I’ve also tried reverting to 2.8.2 and it ended up making duplicates of everything. I had “merge” selected on step 2.

    • Me too! Same issue … duplicate SKU exists. I have even perm deleted and then re-imported with no avail.

      • And the photos have been put into the folder with nothing appearing.

      • I’ve finally figured out my images problem –

        upload to wp-content/uploads/2011/06 and make sure you reference the file directly to the csv (ie. “wp-content/uploads/2011/06/100001.jpg”)

        choose the first option on the Are You Importing Images? box

        that worked for me, anyway.

        still really needing the duplicate SKU issue fixed :-S

      • Hi zachary, looking at merge support today. You’re right on CSV filename, wouldn’t it be easier just entering the Product image filename? I’ll take a look at this too 🙂

      • Hi Zachary, I can confirm that Product image import via CSV filename is working as expected; without adding ‘wp-content/uploads/2011/06/’ to the CSV filename.

        Try the following:

        1. Place the Product images within the current WordPress month directory within /wp-content/uploads/%year%/%month%/
        2. Open Product Importer Deluxe and upload your CSV
        3. Ensure your Image filename column is matched to Image on the dropdowns
        4. Click ‘Are you importing images?’ then the first option ‘Assigned an image column for Products in the CSV file’.

        Fire away! 🙂

        • Michael,

          Images are displaying as thumbnails on the Product list, but are not showing on the front end. The image URL shows this error:

          Warning%3C/b%3E:%20%20array_merge()%20[%3Ca%20href=’function.array-merge’%3Efunction.array-merge%3C/a%3E]:%20Argument%20#2 is not an array in <wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/product-template.php on line 1210

          followed by the actual working url…

          I’m stumped.

    • Which version of Product Importer Deluxe works for product merging?

      I have done a fresh install of WordPress 3.1.1 and tried both wp-ecommerce 3.8.1 with PID AND 2.8.2 as well as wp-ecommerce 3.8.4 with the same two versions.

      I have a test CSV with only 1 product in it. The file imports just fine (even with an image now, yay!) but when I change a number, price for instance, and re-import with the “merge” box selected, it merely creates a duplicate product with a new price.

      • More specifically, I get a duplicate product when I use PID 2.8.2 while getting the same error as NicoWeb when using 2.8.4


    • Hi NicoWeb, spotted the Additional Description, I had assumed it was removed in WP e-Commerce 3.8! It’s back in there, looking at merge support now.

  14. I upgraded 2.8.4 and now after selecting the corresponding columns of my csv, it goes to the next page, shows the loading bar (grab a beer, this may take awhile), than just stops. I had successfully imported over 200 products with 2.8.2 but my ftp’d images didn’t lined up. So I deleted them, upgraded, than tried importing them again with no luck. What am I missing?

    • Hi Jeremy, there was an unclosed statement within the 2.8.4 import script, please update to, I’ll be putting out a few minor Plugin updates until 3.8+ support stabilises.

      • Thanks man. Where can I download the update? The premium update link in my email still has 2.8.4

      • Great, so it imports again, but still doesn’t recognize my images. I uploaded all the images via the WP Media Uploader, verified they went to the /wp-content/uploads/2011/06 folder – am I doing something else wrong?

      • Hi Jeremy, can you shoot me login details so I can diagnose this further, the CSV filename Product image method is working a treat here on my Windows and *nix test sites.

      • I managed to futz around more and get them in after manually adding the wp-content/uploads/2011/06/ path to the image, which created a double path somehow in all my images, like this:


        So I fixed all those in phpmyadmin, which got the images working, but the thumbnails are showing as the full image, so they’re all squished. Any way to fix that?

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  1. DE Dietrich says:

    Product Importer Deluxe works excellent!

  2. GB Osman Ahmed says:

    Hi, thanks for this amazing plugin!

  3. IE Andrew says:

    Thanks Michael :)

  4. US DSTP says:


    I've purchased this product and it's working fantastically, a little slow importing/merging change, however this isn't an issue.

    Please can you point me in the direction or provide information for adding additional import field, I've purchased a plugin called Product Price Info and would like to bulk import this information.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. GB Matt says:

    Hi Michael, really happy with the plugin, features & support. Thanks, Matt.

  6. GB Nikki says:

    Thank you Michael. :-)

  7. US Joshua Wilson says:

    Hello, iv been first using your plug in since it was first developed. I have 22 woocommerce stores with over 10,000 products a store. So i have a lot of importing to do. Once woocommerce came out with their own i started using theirs but its been no where as good as yours. With their plug in i can only import upto 50 products at a time and i keep getting duplicates that drive me annoying. I have to convert 1' 9MB excel file into 1,000 excel files. With your plug in i just keep importing the same excel file and it keeps importing without any doubles. Your picture placing is easier and i like your excel format. Its so much better than Woo's and i have so much to import. Thank you for your work and keep it coming :)

  8. US Ryan says:

    Hi Michael, Many thanks for the plugin, it's a great timesaver. Thanks, Ryan

  9. GB Paul Cutcliffe says:

    Excellent, thanks Michael - keep up the good work!

  10. ZA kim says:

    Everything working GREAT :-)
    Thanks Michael - saving me time already!

  11. US Russ says:

    Thanks for the quick response. It's nice to see developers have this kind of interaction.

  12. US Robert says:

    Holly molly!!! That is the best $95.00 I ever spend. I am still experimenting with 6 items at a time, the product importer worked great LOVE IT.


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Am I entitled to future Plugin updates?

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What are the required product fields within the CSV to be imported?

The minimum data requirements for importing new products are:

  • Product Name

The minimum data requirements for merging Product changes are:

  • SKU

We recommend providing as a minimum for an operating store the following Product fields:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Category
  • Price
  • Quantity (for stock limited products)

What import methods are available?

  • Import new Products only
  • Import new Products and merge Product changes
  • Merge Product changes only

Do you have a sample master products CSV file for Product Importer Deluxe?

Sure do, included below are a few samples as well as blank templates to buil from.

Blank CSV template with column names

Sample CSV

  • Sample CSV (1.4 - Updated: 02/08/2012) - with Variations and Table Rate Prices
  • Sample CSV (1.3 - Updated: 26/04/2012) - with Wholesale Pricing, Related Products
  • Sample CSV (1.2) - with Custom Fields, All in One SEO Pack, Google Product Feed support
  • Sample CSV (1.1)
  • Sample CSV (1.0)

Can I link a Product to multiple Categories/Tags/Images, etc?

Sure can, just put a '|' (vertical pipe) character between each item, currently all of the above are supported. In a near future Plugin update multiple file downloads will also be included.

Can I declare sub-categories and establish parent-child relationships with the included Product Category Importer for WP e-Commerce?

Roger that, when declaring a child Category ensure you use place an '>' (arrow) character between the parent and child. With the release of 2.6.5 you can drill down up to 3 levels deep, for instance:

  • Clothes>Men>Casual within the Category column of your CSV file will link a Product to Clothes, Men (as a sub-Category of Clothes) and Casual (as before).