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This user-friendly Product importer, with clear step-by-step instructions helps you import and update Products, Variations, Categories, Tags, and other Product details into your WordPress-powered store.

After successfully importing tens of thousands of Products across hundreds of WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop, WooCommerce and Exchange stores Product Importer Deluxe has become the standard for store owners and web developers to bulk import Products, Variations, Categories, Tags, Brands.

Product Importer Deluxe can merge Product changes against existing Products with live and post-import reporting.

Variations, Categories, Tags, Brands, Images and other Product details assigned to Products within the CSV file are all generated at import time making setting up your next store a simple one-step import process. Our free Store Exporter Plugin can export Products from an existing WordPress store making importing changes to existing Products almost too easy!

Third-party integration

To enable the import options for the above 3rd party Plugins ensure the Plugin (e.g. Related Products) is activated and up to date, refer to the sample CSV’s available in the FAQ section on this page for examples. Support for additional Product details are introduced through regular free Plugin updates.



  •  WooCommerce (up to 2.6.*)
  •  Jigoshop (up to 1.17.*)
  •  WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to
  •  WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.11.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page as well as opening Dashboard > Updates from the WordPress Administration of your store.


  1. I am interested in using this product for my website. I sell pictures online, and I need a plugin that allows me to upload 500 to 1,000 products at one time, including a digital download that is attached to the product.

    Is this possible using your plugin?


    • I am also using a plugin from GetShopped, the Gold Cart one. Is your product compatible with my current set up, or would I have to migrate over to your system?

      • Hi Thomas, sure is, both the free and Gold Cart enabled release of WP e-Commerce is supported by Product Importer Deluxe.

    • Hello there Thomas, were definitely in the same boat here as I need several different ebooks attached as digital downloads to my many products using csv for a much easier way. Have you bought and confirm that this plugin(Product Importer Deluxe) works flawlessly???
      Thank you,

  2. Michael,

    5 Days back i sent you a mail on your email id about the problems we are facing when using Product importer Deluxe. In that mail mentioned the user name and email id which I used to buy the pulgin from woothemes. Also I sent the CVS and Excel sheet of products data as attachment we are using to upload products. So its been 5 days and there is no response on the same from your side.

    I opened a thread on woothemes forum but again no response from your side.

    Yesterday, I posted again here and this time you just removed my comment….. This is not an example good business ethics practice.

  3. Michael,

    4-5 days back I sent you a mail regarding the error with product import deluxe on your email id along with CVS file that we are using to upload products. Till now we didn’t get any response from your side.

    I also started a thread on woothemes forum 3 days back but again didn’t hear from you.

    We need to upload our products faster. so please help us in getting that done ASAP.

  4. I am using the import and it is truncating my product description. Is there a maximum size and if so can it be increased?

    • Hi Doug, there is no maximum size for a Product description but what is likely happening is the description contains the character used for the cell separator so is truncating it. Feel free to send me a copy of your CSV to confirm this. 🙂

  5. Put me on the list. I’m waiting to lunch my new website using jigoshop until there is a way to import my 1000’s of products i sell.


  6. Im using woocommerce, and im trying to link to external images, but i cant get this to work at all…

    what may i be doing wrong??

  7. I was able to load 1800 of 18000 products unfortunately most are double, triple , quadruple posts of the same product- no weight even though the weight field was populated and matched by the plug-in –
    This took an hour to load until it timed out- I need these two items repaired- I assume that it will take 20 hous toload my catalogue then.
    Please advise if this is what I can expect long term or not- if so, I want a refund.

    • Hi forhuntersbyhunters, Weight requires a Weight Unit field to be imported alongside as unlike WooCommerce and Jigoshop WP e-Commerce does not have a default weight unit assigned under Settings so must be done on a per-Product basis. Add a Weight Unit column to your CSV for Weight’s to be assigned to your Products. 🙂

      • Hi Micahel,

        I sent you one email + 2 comments on this thread asking for help,
        It seems that you are not very keen to offer support! I noticed that many people here are in trouble and from you:…..silence!
        It look like you have deleted all newest comments.

        Is this a professional way to relate to people?


        • Hi Roberto, I assure you no comments are being deleted, the latest WordPress uses pagination for every 30 comments (now over 500 on this Plugin alone). Please hit the Older Comments link below (

          I’m doing my utmost to respond to e-mails as they come in and lately this has meant a decline in priority to pre-sales e-mails in favour of priority support to existing customers with the roll out of new Plugins. I’ve responded to your original enquiry regarding external URL image support which is available as an image import method within Product Importer Deluxe and works best with absolute paths. Hope this helps.

          • Hello Mike,

            I feel better now that you replied my comment and answered to my email.

            We keep in touch.


      • Thanks for helping me with that Mike- I made a poor assumption that it was your product and not me doing.

    • Hi Yash, support for Product Variations has not yet been introduced. I’ll add support for this in-demand feature once support for the most recent Plugin updates stabilises. Thanks for your patience.

  8. Hi All,
    I have figured out what was causing my uploads to freeze. I thought that once I had deleted products I could then delete the CVS on my FTP server however, it turns out by doing this I created an error:
    your ftp address/(Image DB.csv) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in- your ftp/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-product-importer-deluxe/includes/functions.php on line 162

    I was able to upload the csv I had deleted and functionality returned. I have not seen any documentation warning against doing this so I thought I would share. Michael while you seem to be around…any news on variation set management?



    • Hi David, variation support has been postponed until support for the most recent Plugin update stabilises. I’ll make an announcement as soon as possible regarding this feature.

      • Michael, do you have any sort of timeline? I have a specific need for this and need to implement it right now? Is there anything we could arrange offline that would get me started? It really is quite simple what I’m trying to achieve. All I want is one product variation set applied to a group of categories across the board. I would even settle for it altering all categories and then manually change the ones I don’t need to have the variation on as there are so few. Got any ideas? Could I do this through the back end in SQL?

  9. mike,
    I responded to your email but haven’t heard back from you.
    I sent the csv file in the email and described my issue.
    Now I have a resorce error. I cranked up my max file size and memory usage to 1024M in whm php.ini and in the wp php.ini folders but I am unalbe to load the csv file. It was able to load and display fields to choose but now it will dies afer 5 mins or so and will not even allow me to enter the fields.Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 17738360 bytes) in /[…]/functions.php on line 162
    Can you help me with this? I have had this product for a few days but am still unable (after putting 8 hours a day into it ) to get it to load anything.

  10. Hi Michael,
    Have you received any of my emails? I desperately need your help as I am trying to import thousands of products and the plugin times out when trying to upload the CSV. I have saved it as a windows csv and nothing seems to be working. Also I emailed you regarding product variations set support? Last time my email got caught in your spam filter. I really need to upload several thousand products with images for download ove the next 24 hours.

    Hope to hear from you soon. If you want to call me you can do so my phone number is on the web site…….I’d be more than happy to make a donation if this can be resolved quickly.



    • Hi Michael, This seems to be a major issue for allot of us, I have chimed in a few times to make sure I get updated on the topics raised, however you seem to be missing in action a fair bit. I am certain there would be a good few of us willing to fund some upgrades to this plugin to get the functions we desperately need ASAP. I myself am not desperate till possibly 2 weeks, then will need something done to assist the movement of this plugin and variations, and time-out issues.

      • Hi Ciaran, forhuntersbyhunters and David, sorry to hear you are also being ignored. Has made me feel a lot better realising I am not the only one. If you scroll down this thread you’ll see quite a few posts from me, without a single response back, which has been really disappointing, especially since responses have been given to others who have posted questions more recently. Even if I’d gotten a *single* response explaining when I might receive a response, I’d be happier knowing at least there was *something* in the pipeline. I’ve been really disappointed with customer service and can only assume that there aren’t enough hours in the day, people who know his plugins to be able to help, or our issues are just too much trouble to acknowledge now that we’ve paid for them. Ciaran, if you’re not desperate for another two weeks I would suggest finding someone else to fix your problem in that time. Perhaps an elance coder or something? I’ve been waiting over two months in good faith. Don’t burn your two weeks waiting. Good luck.

        • I got a response the next day but I havne’t heard back- He asked me for my csv file then mentioned manually adding the images (I have 18K of them) – I will wait another day and hope to hear something- now that I have a bunch of funds wrapped up into this, commitments made to my network and a bunch of time.
          I have worked through many of the issues but am still stuck on some. I did however find another site that gives you a few lines of code that everyone seemed to have no issues with. I can’t find the address now but I will resort to editing a single file if that is what I need to do then dispute this with paypal- seems as if there might be a mass exodus and dispute if there isn’t a response soon.
          Not that I am complining about the cost but I could have done this myself a few times with the time I have invested. I only bought this to enable others to have an easy way to do this on my network that was integrated. It might be just as easy to load images into Month/data folder and alter the file that needs to be changed then run a line of script.

          • I have tried the new version on a new site made for ecommerce. I have the following problems on any site that I try and am not getting any support for this product:
            1) Drops images
            2) Mixes categories, products and all fields on csv
            3) Times out
            4) bogs site down – my entire network is overloaded
            5) Won’t load more than 3000 products
            6) on vps with no speed limits it won’t work
            7) quadruple posts product with same SKU
            8) Won’t recognize update on SKU
            9) links to tool box don’t work
            10) links to images broken
            – it is far from a working product. I wnat a refund. I have been trying correspond with Mike- nothing- quiet.
            I wont use a getshopped product again or a visser labs with this kind of support – I mean seriously- 100$ for something that you can make yourself.
            This product does not do any of the things it claims and is in development but not marketed that way.
            Please email me with instructions to get my refund or I will contact paypal and my credit card company to refuse payment. Too bad, it seemed like a great concpet. Before selling products they need to be tested not sold as a broken in progress plugin.

            • Although I didn’t realize the plugin was a development project I must confess that there are circumstances that that Visser wasn’t prepared for…
              Wordpress and my host are hurdles that have come into play for a large catalogue…1*K products may be more than any plugin can handle. Also, Michael has been supportive in the troubleshooting that has been hampered by a more dynamic site than a typical wordpress installation. Ie: WPMU, 2 bridges to php and Dolphin and an apache server that doesnt’ seem to comply. Michael has committed to take my store to completion with these obstacles and has worked toward hammerring away at each one on a daily basis. I will report to everyone with the results once it is up and running, if it is possible.

  11. Hi Michael, Finally purchased the importer today. Do you have a complete csv with the All in One SEO headers detailed? Also, did I read that you can import from a URL like an XML feed or is that on the wishlist, still? If it’s available, can you point me to a ‘how to’? Thanks for your hard work!

    • Hi Fontaholic,

      Did you ever get an answer to the XML feed question? Really want to know and can’t find a specific answer anywhere. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Sally, XML support is not supported, you will need to convert your XML file into a CSV-formatted catalogue, there are free scripts available for this. Once things settle down I may introduce this feature as another way for store owners to bring in their Products. 🙂

      • Hi Michael,

        Did you receive the email I sent you the 14th of February? I have a client ready to pay form your Importer Plugin but we need make sure that this plugin will meet the client requirements.

        Please can you answer me?

        Roberto Ciccolella

  12. I was able to upload csv files but not any images. Finally I was able to get 8 images (out of 750) to correspond from a load. I noticed that the instructions for WP3.8 were not the same folders that my install was accessing- it accessed 3.7 but would timeout time out.
    I increased the ini file to 100MB – to no avail.
    I deleted both the wp commerce and the import plug in (uninstall) then reinstalled- now csv uploads just time out and nothing works.
    Please advise.

  13. Can you let me know if this plugin will be released in the next week or two? I have quite a number of products to enter in, but loves the sounds of this extension if I’d be able to use it in time to meet a deadline.

    Thanks in advance!

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Am I entitled to future Plugin updates?

You sure are, you can always download the latest release of your purchased Plugin from My Account.

What are the required product fields within the CSV to be imported?

The minimum data requirements for importing new products are:

  • Product Name

The minimum data requirements for merging Product changes are:

  • SKU

We recommend providing as a minimum for an operating store the following Product fields:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Category
  • Price
  • Quantity (for stock limited products)

What import methods are available?

  • Import new Products only
  • Import new Products and merge Product changes
  • Merge Product changes only

Do you have a sample master products CSV file for Product Importer Deluxe?

Sure do, included below are a few samples as well as blank templates to buil from.

Blank CSV template with column names

Sample CSV

  • Sample CSV (1.4 - Updated: 02/08/2012) - with Variations and Table Rate Prices
  • Sample CSV (1.3 - Updated: 26/04/2012) - with Wholesale Pricing, Related Products
  • Sample CSV (1.2) - with Custom Fields, All in One SEO Pack, Google Product Feed support
  • Sample CSV (1.1)
  • Sample CSV (1.0)

Can I link a Product to multiple Categories/Tags/Images, etc?

Sure can, just put a '|' (vertical pipe) character between each item, currently all of the above are supported. In a near future Plugin update multiple file downloads will also be included.

Can I declare sub-categories and establish parent-child relationships with the included Product Category Importer for WP e-Commerce?

Roger that, when declaring a child Category ensure you use place an '>' (arrow) character between the parent and child. With the release of 2.6.5 you can drill down up to 3 levels deep, for instance:

  • Clothes>Men>Casual within the Category column of your CSV file will link a Product to Clothes, Men (as a sub-Category of Clothes) and Casual (as before).