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Adding a Select/Dropdown Checkout Field

  1. Add a new select field
  2. And click “More toggler” text
  3. Just write “Yes” for value in choosen value option
  4. Then click hambuger menu above the “More options” text
  5. Then give the Field title in the Title field
  6. Write options and seperate them by “||” (double vertical-pipe)


(Thanks to @chemistrap1)

Adding Conditional Checkout Fields

WooCommerce Checkout Manager supports conditional Checkout fields which can trigger other Checkout fields to show/hide based on the value of other Checkout fields. Conditional Checkout fields can be applied to Billing, Shipping and Additional Checkout field sections.

Note: The following step-by-step has been donated by Jason Neri who pulled the Plugin apart and then prepared this documentation to help others who want to use this feature. It’s only just been put here so I will expand upon it and add additional screenshots.

  1. Open the WooCheckout screen from the WordPress Administration
  2. Select the Additional tab
  3. Add two new Checkout fields by clicking the + Add New Field button
  4. Note down the Abbreviation value for the first Checkout field as you will need this later (e.g. myfield2)
  5. Set the Label for the first Checkout field to Are you an instructor?
    (This first Checkout field will be the referred to as the ‘parent selector’)
  6. Set the Type for the first Checkout field to Select Options
  7. Set the Label for the second Checkout field to What is your instructor ID?
    (This second Checkout field will be shown based on the parent selector)
  8. Set the Type for the second Checkout field to Text Input
  9. Click Save Changes
  10. Click the 3 blue bars above More Toggler
  11. Under the Conditional column check the tickboxes for both Checkout fields
  12. Click on the 3 blue bars above Options Toggler
  13. Set the Title for the ‘parent selector’ Checkout field to Please select
  14. Set the List of Options for the ‘parent selector’ Checkout field to No||Yes
    (Options need to be separated by ‘||’; two vertical pipes)
  15. Click the 3 red bars above Options Toggler to return to the More Toggler menu
  16. Set the Chosen Value for both Checkout fields to Yes
  17. Click on the 3 blue bars above Conditional
  18. Under the Conditional Parent column check the tickbox only for the ‘parent selector’ Checkout field
  19. Set the Conditional Tie for both Checkout fields to the abbreviation value referenced in step 4
  20. Click Save Changes

That’s it. Open up the Checkout page with a Product in the Cart and change the Checkout field Are you an instructor? dropdown to Yes to show the What is your instructor ID? Checkout field.  🙂



See our dedicated troubleshooting page for WooCommerce Checkout Manager.