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    Learn how to take full advantage of the WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin.


Manages WooCommerce Checkout, the advanced way.


WooCommerce Checkout Manager works with the following WordPress e-Commerce Plugins:

  • WooCommerce


View the Usage documentation for how to take full advantage of the WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin.

Hooks and Filters

WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows your WordPress Plugin or Theme to ‘hook into’ the code; that is, to call functions in your plugin at specific times, and thereby set your plugin in motion. There are two kinds of hooks:

  • Actions: Actions are hooks that the WordPress core launches at specific points during execution, or when specific events occur
  • Filters: Filters are the hooks that WordPress launches to modify text of various types before adding it to the database or sending it to the browser screen

Have a look at our list of Code Snippets for WooCommerce Checkout Manager. WooThemes have a great Introduction to hooks: actions and filters article for more information.


WooCommerce Checkout Manager comes with a Quick Start document (readme.txt) to help with installing the Plugin. Additional support can be found in the WooCommerce Checkout Manager forum.

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If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please join the members discussion on our WooCommerce Checkout Manager forum.


Visit the WooCommerce Checkout Manager forum to see what’s in the works for future Plugin releases.

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The latest release can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory links above.