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How do I install Store Exporter Deluxe?

See our dedicated troubleshooting pages on Where do I download my Plugin purchase from Visser Labs? and How do I install my WordPress Plugin purchased from Visser Labs?.

How do I manually install a Plugin update for Store Exporter Deluxe?

You may be required to manually install a Plugin update where the automatic Plugin update engine is not supported within your WordPress site or if updating from a legacy version of Store Exporter Deluxe.

  1. Open the My Account page on our website
  2. Under Available downloads click on your Plugin purchase to start the Plugin download, a ZIP file will be prompted to save or saved to your preferred Download folder
  3. Open the WordPress Administration of your WordPress store
  4. From the left sidebar open the Plugins screen
  5. Within the list of Plugins, find the Store Exporter Deluxe item and click the Deactivate link
  6. Again, within the list of Plugins, find the Store Exporter Deluxe item and click the Delete link (no settings within the Store Exporter Deluxe Plugin will be lost)
  7. From the left sidebar open the Plugins > Add Plugin screen
  8. Beside the Add Plugins title click Upload Plugin
  9. From the Choose File form field select the ZIP file that contains your Plugin purchase
  10. Click Install Now
  11. Once the Plugin has been uploaded by WordPress click the Activate Plugin link below the Plugin install notices
  12. Open the WooCommerce > Store Export screen

See the screenshots in the above section for additional guidance.

Supported export fields

See our dedicated documentation pages listing export supported Plugins in Store Exporter Deluxe and supported export fields in Store Exporter Deluxe.

Exporting via Scheduled Exports

See our dedicated Scheduled Exports page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

Exporting via CRON

See our dedicated Manual CRON Exports page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

Exporting custom Product/Order/Order Item meta

Using the Store Exporter screen UI

Store Exporter Deluxe supports the exporting of custom Post meta through the Store Exporter screen by filling each custom meta key on a new line within text boxes on the Export screen. We support the following different export types:

  • custom Product meta
  • custom Order meta
  • custom Order Item meta
  • custom User meta
  • custom Customer meta
  • custom Product-Addons

Our custom meta support works by fetching the ‘meta key’ of a given Product/Order/Order Item, what this means is you will need to identify the meta key as it is stored in the WordPress database in order for it to be exported. Our free Store Toolkit Plugin adds meta boxes to the Add/Edit Product, Add/Edit Order screens of your e-Commerce platform to make it easy to identify custom meta keys for exporting.

To add your own custom fields to the Export Fields list for a given export type do the following:

  1. Identify the custom Post meta key (or Order Item meta key) using Store Toolkit
  2. Open the WooCommerce > Store Export > Quick Export screen and select the export type you want to add the custom field for
  3. Enter each custom field meta key on a new line in the Custom Products/Order/Order Item text box under Custom Fields
  4. Click Save Custom Fields
  5. Select the export type you want to export and check the new custom export fields

Here’s an example using the PayPal Transaction ID that is assigned to Orders paid via PayPal:

  1. The custom Post meta key where the PayPal Transaction ID is saved is called: _transaction_id
  2. Open the WooCommerce > Store Export > Quick Export screen and select the Orders export type
  3. Enter ‘_transaction_id’ into a new line within the Order meta textbox under Custom Order Fields
  4. Click Save Custom Fields
  5. Check the new Transaction ID Order export field to include it in your export

That’s it 🙂

Using WordPress Filters

Exporting custom meta using WordPress Filters is a two step process, first you need to extend our default export fields list to include your new export field then populate the export results. This can be done using a minimum of two WordPress Filters available within Store Exporter Deluxe. In this example we’ll extend the Product export type with a new Product export field called ‘My Custom Field’ and a export field slug of ‘my_custom_field’.

View Code

Now we can tell Store Exporter Deluxe where to look for the contents of the ‘my_custom_field’ export field slug, in our case the ‘_my_custom_field’ Product meta.

View Code

As a general rule each export type has it’s own WordPress Filters available at the above stages – populating the export fields list and at export time – for more complex export types like Orders Filters may need to be assigned to each Order Items Formatting rule as an example. There are hundreds of WordPress Filters and Actions available within Store Exporter Deluxe to allow WordPress Theme and Plugin Developers to filter WP_Query calls, override Term Taxonomies and more to suit their clients expectations.

Exporting custom Product Add-ons

Store Exporter Deluxe out of the box detects Global Product Add-ons added via the Products > Global Product Add-ons screen when you have installed and activated WooCommerce Product Add-ons. We cannot however automatically detect custom Product Add-ons (aka per-Product Product Add-ons), that doesn’t mean it is hard to inform our Plugin about these fields, do the following:

  1. Open the Edit Product screen for a Product which has custom Product Add-ons assigned to it
  2. Switch to the Add-ons tab within the Product Data meta box
  3. Within each Addon Group note down the Group Name (case sensitive)
  4. Open the WooCommerce > Store Export > Quick Export screen and select the Products export type
  5. Enter each Group Name noted above into a new line in the Custom Product Add-ons text box under Custom Product Fields
  6. Click Save Custom Fields
  7. Select either the Product or Order export type check the new custom Product Add-on fields

Exporting custom Extra Product Option fields



See our dedicated troubleshooting page for Store Exporter Deluxe.