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Wholesale Pricing for WP e-Commerce uses custom User Roles to apply different pricing levels against preferred customers (e.g. Subscribers, Wholesalers, Staff, guests/site visitors, etc.).

Wholesale pricing rules can be set via the Settings screen to be applied store wide for each User Role and/or overridden on a per-Product basis via the Add/Edit Products screen, pricing rules include:

  • Easy to use mark up/mark down controls for User Roles and Products
  • Support for local currency (e.g. dollar) or percentage based mark up/mark down (e.g. Add 15% mark up to all Products when viewed by guests/site visitors, or take $3.00 off all Products for logged-in Users/Subscribers, etc.)
  • Per-User Role fixed price overrides can be applied on per-Product basis (e.g. Sell Sample Product for $45.00 to Wholesalers, show default Price and Sale Price to guests/site visitors, etc.)
  • Disable Wholesale Pricing on a per-Product basis (e.g. Ignore pricing rules for Sample Product but apply to all other Products)

You can now bulk import/export Wholesale Pricing per-Product rules with Product Importer Deluxe.

WP e-Commerce Compatibility

  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.10.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Wholesale Pricing.


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    I select the individual Product’s pricing levels at the products edit page. The fixed price is 0.00 in the widget (as default set), and this value always overwrite the percent based pricing.

    E.g.: I set -10% discount, but the wholesale product price will 0.00.

    I can’t use the bought plugin, please send a solution asap.


    • Hi gombszorp, WP e-Commerce does not support negative pricing so if you are applying a 10% discount on a Product that has a price of 0.00 then the discounted Product price from Wholesale Pricing will also be 0.00. If you set the Sale Price to a positive number (e.g. 14.95) and apply the same 10% discount then the updated Sale Price will be $13.45. Feel free to open a Premium Support ticket with us so we can assist further. :)

  2. Hello Michael

    I am evaluating purchasing the wholesale pricing plugin. Currently, I am using woocommerce . Willyour plugin work with different Product variations based on user type ? For example, will it allow showing certain product variations to wholesalers only, and other variations to retailers only ?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi! I am in the process of building a site using WP e-Commerce and we need to display wholesale pricing (based on user roles). Will this plugin integrate with the existing admin without the need to rebuild our product database?

  4. Hello, this is an very good plugin.

    We have a small issue, our custom template is using wpsc_cart_single_item_price to get the unit price and wpsc_cart_item_price the total price of the product on the check out page, and this is not the whosale price, any idea how can we fix this?


  5. Hi Michael

    I have another suggestion. Can we prevent coupon codes from being applied if the wholesale price is used during a checkout?

    Is there a validator check you could add into the plugin?

    Kind regards


  6. Hi Michael

    I purchased this plugin over the weekend and I’m just going through some testing. Something occured to me, which I feel will be beneficial as a feature to this superb plugin.

    After the purchase goes through at the discounted price, the purchase/order history shows the details without flaw. However, it does not log or show anywhere what discount was used, if any was used, on the order history. I know the plugin works in a certain way and only involves itself with the discounted calculation of the product, but could there be an opportunity here to show the type/amount of discount given (i.e. Wholesaler 20%) somewhere like the order history on either the front or in the backend?

    This would certainly help to understand what the full price of the product (exc discount) was at the time of purchase – in case the price has changed since.

    Just a thought.


    • Hi Anis, thanks for your suggestion. I’m not sure how we’d impliment that as we’d then need to save the wholesale pricing rules against the sale incase the store owner updates the rules after a Sale is made. I’ve added a note to look into this further, be it a simple note in the Sales log through to additional Sales meta once we move to Custom Post Type for Sales.

  7. Hi there,

    For one my client website, I have WP e-commerce and Gold cart installed. All products and coupon are already there. The clients now wants a dedicated link for each distributor. Ability for a distributor to order online at the wholesale price and reports on same. Will your plugin help me to accomplish this requirement. Let me know at your earliest.

    • Hi Tahsin, Wholesale Pricing will accomplish some of your client requirements:
      – Ability for a distributor to order online at their wholesale price and this price is shown on reports, sales, etc.

      It will not however:
      – Create a dedicated link for each distributor, our Plugin adjusts the Price an Sale Price of a Product based on the logged-in User Role.

      To get around your dedicated link issue make the Products Page and other cart pages restricted to logged-in users only so that once they log in they see their individual prices. Hope this helps.

      • Hi, I’ve been able to install the plugin and successfully able to set wholesale price for user role. It is showing the price in product page. But when I added to the cart and trying to checkout, it shows the original price not the discounted price. I’m using WP e-commerce and Gold cart. I tried enable and disable checkbox in Setting->WholeSales Price->Pricing Settings for user roles, but nothing works to update the checkout pricing. It will be great if you can let me know the way forward.

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