Product Description


Store Exporter is a free export Plugin for WordPress that enables store owners to bulk export store details into simple formatted files.

The Pro upgrade to Store Exporter Deluxe unlocks additional business features of this free Plugin.

Supported export types include:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Coupons
  • Users
  • Orders (*)
  • Customers (*)
  • Coupons (*)
  • Shipping Classes (*)
  • Subscriptions (*)
  • Product Vendors (*)
  • Submissions (*)



  •  WooCommerce (up to 2.5.*)
  • Jigoshop (up to 1.17.*)
  •  Exchange (up to 1.23.*)
  •  WP e-Commerce ( through 3.11.*)


The latest release of Store Exporter can be downloaded from WordPress Plugins ( or here on this page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Store Exporter.


  1. Hi,
    Are your plugin support this item ?

  2. Hi Sirs/Gals,

    This is a pre-purchase question:

    I was wondering if on export that the export would include the featured images from woocommerce products?

    The reason I am asking is because on the screenshot of what items to include on export, I did not see image(s).

    Could you please clarify?

    Thanks and appreciate your time,


  3. Presale question.

    What I’m hoping to do is take the shop data and products (some simple, some variable) from a single-site WooCommerce shop, and then import that over into another shop.

    The other shop it will be going into is for a site within a multisite setup.

    It looks like I can use your plugin to export all the shop data? And then I was thinking I would use a plugin to import the data into the other shop (any good recommendations for this?).

    Should this approach work?


  4. Does it really work correctly with TM Extra Product Options?? I have some extra field in orders that i would like to be exported in columns like the other fields.

  5. Hi There,

    I am currently using your exporter and was hoping you could tell me if there is a way to change the variation number in ‘product name’ to the actual variable name (colour, size etc.)?

    At the moment I am using the free version and it just displays the product variation as Variation #71746 of “product name”

    Does the deluxe version change this? or will this always happen (as it seems a bit pointless if I have to go in manually and search the variation number every time)?

    • Hi Ronnie, recent Plugin update’s to Store Exporter Deluxe does this! 🙂

      (Fished your comment out of the spam filter)

  6. Hi, pre-sale cuestion : exporting attributes means that instead of having by example Variation n°xxx on [Product name] I can have Variation [Variation attribute name] n°xxx on [Product name] ?

    Thanks by advance,

    Regards and HNY.


  7. Hi all, the products add-ons can be also exported?

    • Hi Ventura, we do support Product Add-ons but are currently limited to exporting saved Product Add-ons values where the meta key doesn’t include the Currency and Price (e.g. wc_addon_$25.00), I’m working on a resolution for full compatibility as part of our further integration of both Extra Product Options and Product Add-ons.

  8. Hello, I need to know if possible to sort, filter and exports products to excel based on attributes like color, size, brand. In regards your import plugin, there is a way to automatically set qty to 0 for products that were not updated within the last X hours? Can I import items with their attributes? Thank you. Dan

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