Store Exporter is a free export Plugin for WordPress that enables store owners to bulk export store details into simple formatted files. Supported export types include:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Coupons
  • Orders (*)
  • Customers (*)
  • Coupons (*)

Unlock additional business features of this free Plugin with Store Exporter Deluxe.


  • WooCommerce (up to 2.1.*)
  • Jigoshop (up to 1.9.*)
  • Exchange (up to 1.8.*)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.8.14.*)


The latest release of Store Exporter can be downloaded from WordPress Plugins ( or here on this page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Store Exporter.

173 thoughts on “Store Exporter

  1. Hi Michael!

    Hoping you might be able to send me a typical export example for me to look at. I’m with Shopping Feed, a product feed management platform, and we’d would like to start recommending your plugin to our Woocommerce, Jigo, and WP users, but would like to see the format of scheduled feed would look like. Any way you can help out?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi,

    Anything I try to export gives me the following error:

    No export entries were found, please try again with different export filters.


  3. Hi!

    We’re a website developer company that is looking for a good plugin for exporting woocommerce order details for accounting purposes. What we haven’t been able to find in any of the plugins that we’ve looked at is a way of reporting sales of product variations.

    Is this anything that is possible with this plugin, or something you’re planning on adding?

    Joakim Bergqvist, Studio Matris.

  4. e-Commerce Platform
    Wordpress Version
    Plugin Name
    WooCommerce – Store Exporter Deluxe


    I have bought plugin and it works great!

    But i need some help. I am from Slovenia and we use special characters like ??šž…

    Is it possible to change fonts on export since i get strage export file…

    I have tried with different encoding in “export“ tab but no help…

    Thank you!

    Best regards

    • Hi gustlovina, please update to the 1.4 Plugin update for Store Exporter on WooCommerce, we’ve done testing with Spanish, Danish and Russian as a sample and it’s working great for Products, we’ll be checking this support against other datasets (e.g. Orders) and other platforms ASAP.

  5. When I export orders from Jigoshop 1.7.3 it leaves Order Tax Total completely blank for each order. Anyone know how to resolve this? It exports all other fields correctly except tax.

  6. Great plugin! — We would love to export orders filtered by user role on our WordPress site. It would be nice to be able to just export our s2member level 3 customers instead of all.

  7. Good day,
    We are looking for an order export for the bookkeeper which contains at least:

    - Gateway used (PayPal, Invoice etc.)
    - Total excl. tax
    - Tax (separated in tax groups), so 0%, 6%, 21% etc.
    - Total incl. tax

    Does this plugin support this export information?

    Thank you for your reply.

  8. PATH: Plugins>>Export

    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Why does it always appears when I am trying to hit the export button on the plugin page? Please help :(

    WordPress 3.5.1
    WP e-Commerce – Store Exporter Version 1.4.9

  9. *sigh*

    Just updated woocommerce plugin to 1.2.4

    Still no image URL in the export – only have the following columns:

    SKU Product Name Permalink Description Excerpt Price Sale Price Weight Weight Unit Height Height Unit Width Width Unit Length Length Unit Category Tag Quantity External Link Product Status Comment Status

    Still no good to export to price comparison websites.

  10. Hey! Does this plugin work on a multisite site? I installed the lite version and it comes up with an error when I click “export” from the plugins page. The error is “You do not have administrator privileges for this dashboard” even though I am logged in as super admin. I also tried to create an admin for the site and log in and do it but same error message. Any Ideas?

    • Hi james, thanks for raising this. Store Exporter is not compatible with multisite environments, if you can get in touch via Contact I would be happy to work with you directly to add support for this in a future Plugin update.

  11. I bought this plugin expecting that it would give me a list of exported products and product quantities. I really need this so that I can adjust inventory levels in our accounting software automatically. Is there any chance this could be added? I believe I would need the addition of at least SKU, variation description (and perhaps ID), qty ordered, and perhaps cost. I know this is more difficult being an undefined number of products, but it could be done either with multiple rows per order or with a character-separated list per entry.
    Also, I use Spanish characters and your present Store exporter plugin does not render the accents– instead, it gives gibberish.

  12. Hi I can’t get permissions to work.
    uploaded pdf set permissions to subscriber.
    when logged out of wordpress can still download document.
    Is there something I’m supposed to add to the generated shortcode?
    also I reset a whole category to subscriber but it didn’t go through and change all the documents.

  13. I purchased Jigoshop Product Importer Deluxe and then installed Exporter 1.2.4 so I could have a template to use to start importing everything.

    Unfortunately I am getting the following error when trying to start the export in wordpress. Not sure what is wrong or what URL that is trying to refer to.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    “This webpage is not found
    No webpage was found for the web address:
    Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found. “

  14. I just tried to export products form jigshop which is still in staging environment, but got an fatal error, see below??
    Regards, stephen

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/hamel21/domains/ on line 442

  15. I just installed the Jigo – Exporter, and I can’t seem to find where I initiate the exporting process. The instructions says go to “Open Jigoshop > Store Export from the WordPress Administration”. I don’t see where this menu is.


  16. Installed 1.3.3, when I click on STORE EXPORT i get:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_ce_template_header() in /home/headsets/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-exporter/exporter.php on line 101

  17. Hey.

    I have had a few WooCommerce project over recent months and I am rather baffled at the lack of a comprehensive Exporter extension.

    From hours on the ol’ interwebs I can find Exporter (your plugin), Smart Manager and Order/Customer CSV Export from Woo themselves.

    All of these have positives but none do what I find clients want time and time again and that is real granular control over what data is either exported or exportable.

    Take for example I have a store selling t-shirts. I have a few hundred orders and want to export some of that data for whatever shopkeeping reason. Let’s say I want First Name, Last Name, Order id, T-shirt purchased and it’s corresponding variations e.g. large and blue.

    In this scenario the exported csv file would look something like this in Excel:

    First Name Last Name Order id Product Variation (size) Variation (color)
    Bob Smith #123 Retro T-shirt Large Blue

    And in addition, it would be great to be able to, for example, search for ‘Retro T-shirt’, ‘Blue’ and be able to export orders containing those variables.

    The closest I’ve found out of the available plugins is Smart Manager but it won’t let you choose which columns to export and even worse, doesn’t include any variation data, which is a disaster.

    I don’t know if you have used Gravity Forms but it has a fantastic export feature where you can choose exactly the form fields you want to export.

    I wish I had the developer skills to create something like this myself, as I think it would make a lot of people very happy.

    Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as you’ve actually created an exporter plugin.


    • Hi David, thanks for your comment, I’ve added initial column export support for Products and plan to extend this feature to include Sales and other store details (e.g. Shipping rules, Tax rules, Discounts, etc.).

      I’ll be releasing the next Plugin update in a few days to update Products support and would be happy to work with you to lock down the requirements and formatting for Sales CSV exports.

      • Not sure if this is what you’re describing, but I’m looking to be able to export a list of customer names listed with the products they bought. Is this what you’re describing?

        We need to be able to export + print the list so that we can look up customers as they come in and give them the items they purchased.

          • Hi Michael – thanks for being so accommodating and interested in what your users want. I think that’s great!

            The table columns I’m looking to have in one exported file are:

            Customer Name | Products Purchased (from all of their transactions within a specified date range – if possible) | Product Add-ons (this is another plugin/extension I’m using, and it adds info into the order)

            So if a customer had multiple transactions within a date range it would be something like this:

            customer A | product 1 | product add-ons
            customer A | product 2 |
            customer A | product 3 |
            customer B | product 1 | product add-ons

            (only some of my products have add-ons)

            My explanations above might be totally unclear – just let me know if you need any clarifications or if you want to talk further about this. I’m subscribed to the replies on this page, but you can also email me at lauren[at]byoconsulting[dot]com

      • Hi Michael.

        I’d be happy to work with you on this.

        Feel free to email me david[at] and let me know how I can help and how you want to move forward.

        • Hi Orlando, I’ve added Sales/Orders support in the 1.0.5 Plugin update available now, it’s pretty basic but I’d like to work with WooCommerce store owners to extend the available Sale/Order fields. Feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas of additional export columns for Sales/Orders.

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