This Pro upgrade for Store Exporter enables the export of:

  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Coupons
  • Brands
  • Users
  • Attributes

In addition to this, Store Exporter Deluxe enables support for:

  • Selecting specific export fields to include in the CSV
  • Date-based filtering of Orders (e.g. current month, last month, manual to/from dates)
  • Multiple Order Status filering of Orders (e.g. cancelled, completed, refunded, etc.)
  • Order Item formatting (e.g. all items on single row, individual row per item, combined single row)
  • Multiple User Role filtering of Customers
  • Export to XML file
  • CRON support for store integrators
  • Schedule automatic exports from the WordPress Administration

Our Pro upgrade integrates with other WordPress and e-Commerce extensions including headliners such as:

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Product Addons
  • Sequential Order Number Pro
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager
  • Checkout Fields Manager
  • Ultimate SEO
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

There are too many other WordPress Plugins and e-Commerce extensions to list here so see our supported export field Trello board for a detailed listing, separate supported export field lists can be found on the Roadmap tab on this page.

Please note you need to have our free Store Exporter Plugin previously installed and activated to unlock the business featured above with this Store Exporter Deluxe Plugin.


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page as well as opening Dashboard > Updates from the WordPress Administration of your store.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Store Exporter Deluxe.

144 thoughts on “Store Exporter Deluxe

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  2. Sorry for so many posts, but now I am having another problem. Changing the interval of time for the CSVs to be exported (default is 1440) doesn’t seem to be working. I tried changing it to 5 minutes, then 1 minute and I still have not received anything. It’s been 20 minutes. I made sure to change all email addresses notifications in WP to mine to make sure I was running a proper test.

    Also, I noticed some php errors in cron.php. It seems like the most recent version of this plugin has a lot of glitches as I have found now 4 major problems:

    - not exporting order notes/comments
    - cron.php is not properly referring to schedule_export.php….also the file name for scheduled_export isn’t even called scheduled_export.php within the folder (so email shows php error). I want to check if i fixed this, but i can’t get the exporter to send another email (which i had been trying to test before i made any changes).
    - a lack of clarity as to where the scheduled exports are
    - not exporting at interval indicated

    We are about to launch a campaign for the product and really need this plugin to function as indicated, so if anyone has any experience with these issues, I would really appreciated your help!

    • Hi alexandriabmi, back in the office. The next minor Plugin update resolves the following of your issues:

      - Order Notes is now working with up to date WooCommerce (2.0.20+).
      - Added a new Customer Message export field that includes the Checkout message from the customer
      - Added a new Customer Notes which only includes customer notes
      - Changed Order Notes to only include general store/WooCommerce/owner notes
      - Fixed the out of date filename for the CRON/scheduled e-mail template (used to be prefixed, not any more)
      - Fixing the missing e-mail template resolved the scheduled export not running

      We may have missed your deadline and will happily refund for this, I’ll do a bit more testing of the scheduled export engine and try to sneak a few minor features in before releasing this afternoon.

      • Michael,

        Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate you making these changes in the next update. A refund is not necessary, but thank you for the generous offer.

        Looking forward to the updated version and thank you again for that great service!


        • Hi alexandriabmi, no problem, we’re doing our best :)

          The 1.6.5 Plugin update just went out, it’s ready for download as I prepare the release post for the Blog. Enjoy your weekend and happy exporting! Here’s the full changelog:

          * Fixed: Only export published Orders, no longer include trashed Orders
          * Added: WordPress filter to override published only Orders export rule
          * Changed: Filter Orders by Customer matches export screen UI
          * Added: Post Status export field for Orders
          * Added: Order count indicators for Filter Orders by Coupon Code
          * Added: Order count indiciator for Filter Orders by Order Status
          * Added: Export type is remembered between screen refreshes
          * Changed: Moved Product Sorting widget to products.php
          * Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Category widget to products.php
          * Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Tag widget to products.php
          * Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Status widget to products.php
          * Added: Order Item Variation support for non-taxonomy variants
          * Fixed: Order Item Variation empty for some Order exports
          * Fixed: Scheduled export email template filename outdated
          * Added: Check that scheduled export email template exists
          * Added: Customer Message export field for Orders
          * Fixed: Customer Notes working for WooCommerce 2.0.20+
          * Fixed: Order Notes working for WooCommerce 2.0.20+
          * Fixed: Empty Shipping Method and Shipping Method ID in WooCommerce 2.1+

          • Michael,

            I wanted to let you know that the update fixed everything I had an issue with, except for one little thing.

            The exporter is still not exporting to the email address that i have set for cron jobs or even for what i have set in woocomm store settings. It’s only sending to the wordpress admin email. Do you have any recommendation on how to change this without changing the admin email?

            • Hi alexandriabmi, line #48 of includes/cron.php, we’re incorrectly defaulting to the WordPress Admin e-mail address where the ‘to’ GET attribute hasn’t been provided as part of the CRON export.

              Changing this to “woo_ce_get_option( ‘email_to’, ” )” resolves this. I’m testing the change and will issue a minor Plugin update to resolve this. :)

              • Thank you so much! I made the change you recommended, and it’s working as expected. I am so grateful you and your team were able to resolve all of these (and for an older version of woocomm) so fast.


  3. Hi:
    Finally I have purchased the plugin and it works great but I have a doubt… How could I schedulle the exportation alwys in the same file?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi pinckneyhugo, you will need to use the CRON export feature if you want to control the filename for exports. Since we use WordPress Media to save the export file for most export methods the filename will increment. I’ve made a note to add an option to override on scheduled exports.

  4. Hi,

    I purchased the store exporter deluxe, and it works great except for one problem. It is not exporting the customer notes from woocommerce. I was hoping someone could help me with this.

    I am using woocommerce 2.0.20 (updating caused problems on my wordpress site)
    I am using 1.6.4 version of the plugin
    Wordpress 3.9.1

    I noticed in the changelog previous to the 1.3.4 version that there were problems with this feature. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi alexandriabmi, we are are aware of this and working to reproduce this with different versions of WooCommerce. My understanding is we do support Customer Notes for WooCommerce 2.0.20+ (above 2.0.20) which is below your store version. If you can e-mail me at I can work with you to add legacy support for Customer Notes in WooCommerce.

    • Hi alexandriabmi, sorted this, the Customer Notes structure has changed since the feature was implimented. Have added test notes and reproduced the change that will make it into the next Plugin update that I’m packing up for release.

  5. Hey there,

    Just purchased the deluxe version! I had no problem doing an export in the free version, but since purchasing t the deluxe version I haven’t been able to export anything. When I click “Export” it just reloads the page and fills out the fields that were defined in my previous successful export (which i completed with in the free version). Sorry if this is confusing. I tried clearing the cache and I still haven’t been able to export. Any ideas?


  6. Hi:
    I am trying to export in XML format all the simple products of my shop. What i want is to use the xml to export to another web easily and not to rewritte every product again… I am about to buy your plugin for do it but I am not sure the exportation will be as good as I need (cause my products are a little complex) My question is…There is any way to get an exaple of the xml exportation with a few products to see if the plugin will work for me??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi takosabi, our Product Importer Deluxe Plugin can import Products, Categories, Tags, Brands, we do not offer a Plugin to import Orders, Customers, Coupons at this time. We may introduce these features in the future.

    • Hi Peter, we don’t yet support exporting Orders by Product Category but I’ve added it to my tasks list so it will get included in a future Plugin update along with Filter Orders by Product Tag and Brand so it’s on the roadmap! :)

    • Hi bongaards, we bend our TOS to help out as much as possible, if we can’t resolve an issue raised with us we refund, if we can’t deliver a required and planned feature, we refund. We have been hit by some crazy expectations over the years so had to put up an official TOS for customers to go by. We’ll be adjusting our TOS in July to make it clearer what circumstances are acceptable regarding refunds of digital goods. Feel free to drop any question prior to purchase or check out our free Plugin as a measure of what our Plugin can do :)

  7. What we would like to do is at the end of each day, get all the orders from that day, export it in a list/csv file and email it to our distribution warehouse. Is this possible?


    • Hi brendan, this is not yet doable in our current offering but we are adding support for Order Status and date filtering in Scheduled Exports which will go a long way towards your requirements.

      The 1.6.3 Plugin update went out a moment ago addressing issues with one of the Order Item formatting options we offer so if support is quiet tomorrow I can look at my task list for new features :)

    • Hi altablue, you can export custom Product meta by filling the Custom Product meta box under Export Options on the Export tab, that will include any additional custom fields in the list of available export columns :)

      Custom Order and Order Item meta aren’t included in the Customers export but we’re looking at how to extend support for that export too.

  8. I purchased this plugin because I need to export orders periodically from my store; however, after installing both the store-exporter and store-exporter-delux, I’m unable to export anything other than product, category, and tag. Besides “orders” button it says “available in Store Exporter Deluxe”. I’m unable to check anything under orders and the “export” button is grey. I’m running woocommerce 2.1.11 and WP 3.9.1

    Is there anything that I’m missing or is this a bug?

    • An update: I updated the plugin to 1.6.1 and it automatically disabled the store-exporter plug-in. Now it works and I would suggest anyone with similar problem to do a update.

      • Hi awesome7749, that’s the trick, we were having more and more problems tying the basic Store Exporter to Store Exporter Deluxe, we de-activate the basic exporter on update/activation of the new Store Exporter Deluxe. Going to be smooth exports and easy updates from here :)

  9. Hi,

    does plugin support adding custom order export and putting blank fields bettween like for example: “SKU”, ””, ””, “brand”, “custom_attr_1″, ””, ””, ””,”custom_attr_2″ . The second this is if it can be set that csv is automatically exported on server? Thanks for your answer.

    • Hi samotekavec, our exporter does not support adding blank columns or fields though we do make hooks/filters available that your web developer can use to alter the structure of our exports. At this time our Scheduled Export feature does not support saving to custom locations, you can choose to save exports to the WordPress Media directory (…/wp-content/uplaods/…), we’ve made tasks to extend this support to include ‘save to FTP location’ and other formats.

  10. Hi there!
    Interested in purchasing. I just have two questions…
    1 – I see the WooCommerce Gravity Forms post above, but wanted to make sure I understand. I’m using Gravity Forms for my product order forms in WooCommerce. I see that it doesn’t support Gravity Forms on its own yet, but would it export whatever order data I have in WooCommerce?
    2 – After export, is there a way to have the file automatically import to another application, such as google docs?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy, we’ll be adding our ideal integration for Gravity Forms in a future Plugin update (where we detect the Gravity Forms Plugin and display new export columns for each export time), we support all the default WooCommerce Order and Order Item details and this can be extended further using our ‘Custom Order meta’ and ‘Custom Order Item meta’ boxes till we release official Gravity Forms integration.

      We’ve added export to Google Docs/Sheets on our roadmap, we’ll get a few more 3rd Party Plugins integrated into Store Exporter before switching focus to our Scheduled Export/CRON engine, but it’s on the list!

      • I put a ticket in about this on April 9th 2014 .. today is June 26th 2014 and I still don’t have answers on this very topic … All you’ve said is … “In the interim if you can identify the custom Order meta key that Gravity Forms uses you can include it manually within the Orders export by filling in the custom Order and custom Order Item meta box on the Export screen.” … I provided you my ftp and wordpress login .. can you put together a video screen capture how I could have the custom order meta keys ??? … I’m sure you’re a bunch of nice people there but I am not happy with the support I have recieved on this …

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  13. Hi, I think the store exporter Delux is what I need but I am not entirely sure. I want to export orders, along with some details of the products that were ordered. Specifically, my developers have added what I think is) a custom field to the products and it contains an email address of the person who uploaded the product.

    I need to generate a list of orders, including the order value and this emails address from the products record on a regular basis.

    Is this possible?



    • Hi Paul, that sounds doable, if your developer has used Advanced Custom Fields, Checkout Manager, Checkout Manager Pro or Checkout Field Manager to add that additional Checkout field then you’ll see that additional checkbox option appear within the Order export list.

      If it has been custom added (without using a 3rd Party Plugin) then you can enter the ‘custom Post meta key’ that the custom Checkout field is storing its data against for that additional export option to be available.

      You can purchase the Deluxe addon and contact us via Premium Support if you get stuck, if it doesn’t work out for you we’ll refund the purchase amount :)

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  15. We purchased the store exporter deluxe for our woocommerce and cannot get it to work. Our export of products, etc. (I.e. The free basic one) works okay. Please help.

    • Hi etow, there’s a minor Plugin update going out today that fixes the export of Products, Categories and Tags when the latest Store Exporter Deluxe is also installed. Both Store Exporter and Deluxe will receive minor updates. :)

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