This Pro upgrade for Store Exporter enables the export of:

  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Coupons
  • Brands
  • Users
  • Subscriptions
  • Product Vendors
  • Commissions
  • Shipping Classes
  • Attributes

In addition to this, Store Exporter Deluxe enables support for:

  • Selecting specific export fields to include in the CSV
  • Date-based filtering of Orders (e.g. current month, last month, manual to/from dates)
  • Multiple Order Status filering of Orders (e.g. cancelled, completed, refunded, etc.)
  • Order Item formatting (e.g. all items on single row, individual row per item, combined single row)
  • Filter Products by Stock Status
  • Multiple User Role filtering of Customers
  • Export to XML file
  • Export to Excel 2007 (XLS) file
  • Export to remote FTP server
  • CRON support for store integration with POS, accounting and reporting systems
  • Schedule automatic exports from the WordPress Administration

Our Pro upgrade integrates with other WordPress and e-Commerce extensions including headliners such as:

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Advanced Google Product Feed
  • WooCommerce Product Addons
  • Sequential Order Number Pro
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager
  • Checkout Fields Manager
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Ultimate SEO
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager Pro
  • WooCommerce Extra Product Options
  • … and more free and Premium extensions for WooCommerce

There are too many other WordPress Plugins and e-Commerce extensions to list here so see our supported export field Trello board for a detailed listing, separate listings of supported export fields can be found on the Roadmap tab on this page.



  • WooCommerce (up to 2.2.*)
  • Jigoshop (up to 1.13.*)
  • Exchange (up to 1.10.*)
  • WP e-Commerce ( through 3.9.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page as well as opening Dashboard > Updates from the WordPress Administration of your store.

298 thoughts on “Store Exporter Deluxe

  1. Hi, I’m really interested to adquire this plugin for my eshop. But I hope you can answer me, before I buy this item, some questions. The thing is that we are planning to implement a multi-wordpress-platform system, where our suppliers can directly upload their products, inside their respective subdomains, with the woocommerce system (you know, products info and images, basically). My question is referred to the case where we need to join all the information uploaded by our suppliers in each of their subdomains, in one eshop where we are going to publish all the products of our suppliers. This plugin can do this? In other words, the file I get when I export a store can be imported later to “other” store without issues? Issues like the URL images couldn’t be recognized by the “other” wordpress store, so I will have to re-upload the images again Thank you for your time. Have a Nice day.

    • Hi nelsonsaldanha, that sounds like you might be running a really old copy of Store Exporter or Store Exporter Deluxe. First de-activate any instance of Store Exporter and ensure you are running the latest release of Store Exporter Deluxe. What e-Commerce platform are you using? WooCommerce? :)

  2. Is it possible to filter reports by product attribute? And then is it possible to save report settings so I could say have 7 different ones my client and run and download as needed?

  3. Hi, thank you for quick response. I have solved the sorting issue. Thank you.
    However, the label of excel still doesn’t applied even if i changed them through configure(top right button).
    Still showing in english ex: order ID..etc..

    This is only issue so far . please help~

  4. Hi, Could you kindly tell us how to change field order? I want to change th order as below.

    First one is just default name and Second one is field data(i think)
    1. Order ID, Order Date, Order Items: Product Name, Order Items: Quantity, Order Items: Subtotal, Shipping Cost, Order Subtotal, Billing: Full Name, Billing: Street Address (Full), Shipping: Full Name, Shipping: Street Address (Full)

    2. purchase_id,purchase_date,order_items_name,order_items_quantity,order_items_subtotal,shipping_cost, purchase_subtotal,billing_full_name, billing_addressshipping_full_name,shipping_address

    • Hi Sean, just select the Order export type to show the export fields then drag-and-drop fields to your preferred ordering, click Export to save that ordering. You can edit the label of export fields using the Customize Fields link in the top-right of the Export Fields meta box :)

  5. PLease help me how to change field name . I tried to change each field name from configure page
    however non of them are applied. The language is not English; Korean.
    thank you.

  6. How can we change the subject line in the Scheduled CSV Export email? We would like it to say “RLE-Orders (“dynamically populated Date of File here)”

    The fulfillment warehouse that receives the Scheduled Exports needs it to be in this format to properly parse the incoming csv.


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  8. Hi

    Customers on my site register for an account to make a purchase. However, the registration fields are customised, an addition to the default woocommerce account registration fields (Username + password). I would like to be able to extract these details of the customer, their address etc on CSV. Would this be possible with this plugin?

    Can I also export individual orders by a customer – these should include the full customer details and the order details?

    Thank you very much. look forward to your response.

    • Hi DS, what Plugin for WooCommerce are you using to add/manage those additional Checkout fields? We support a range of Checkout Field Plugins for WooCommerce, see our supported export fields on the Roadmap tab of this page.

      You can control the filtering of Orders by User ID, we’ll be adding e-mail support too (for guests without User logins), there is also control of what fields are included in exports; as much or as little information as you want :)

          • Support for User Meta fields created by “User Meta” plugin


            I’ve used the “User Meta” plugin on my site to add fields to the User Registration from.

            The “User meta” Plugin adds the content of these fields to the default User Meta table in wordpress. It seems as though Store Exporter Deluxe would support adding this information when exporting user reports. Can this be confirmed?

            As well I would like to know if it is possible to produce the following types of reports, with the above extra fields where applicable:

            1. Orders per Customer (select orders made by one customer)
            2. Orders/sales per product category/Product/Product Variation

            Look forward to your response.

            Thank you very much.

  9. Hello, I need to export several data from my orders and before buying your product I wanted to know if I would be able to retrieve all of them with this plugin.
    You will find below the information I want to export :
    – Day
    – Month
    – Year
    – Invoice number
    – Products custom fields
    – Means of payment
    – Custom first and last name
    – Amount
    I also need for every orders distinct rows for each products and for shipping.

    If your plugin can’t actually retrieve those data, would you be able to customize it to fit my needs ? Would you please send me an estimation if you can ?
    For further information, please contact me.

    • Hi axelcb, I’ll try to answer in point format so we don’t flood the Comments screen, here goes:

      – Day, Month and Year of Orders is collated into a single export field (Order Date), you can adjust the date format (e.g. d/m/y, etc.) via the Date Formatting option on the Setting screen
      – Invoice number, is this the WooCommerce Order Number or are you using a custom Plugin for WooCommerce to add Invoice Number functionality? We support Order Number and some Invoice Number Plugins for WooCommerce (check the supported list on the Roadmap tab of this page
      – You will be able to export custom Product fields assigned to Order Items in the next major Plugin update, currently Orders is limited to custom Order and Order Item fields
      – Payment Method, Amount and splitting of Order Items into single rows is supported as is Billing/Shipping First/Last/Full Name


  10. Hi Michael,

    Is it possible to export customer details via category with the deluxe version? We’d like to be able to export customer emails that are connected to a category.


  11. Hey Michael:

    Thanks again for all the great work on this plugin. Some of the new adds are terrific. Couple of feature requests for future releases:

    – Order Filters – in the current release you can’s save them or use them as part of a Scheduled Export. I’d like to be able to save them on the Export tab (manual export) and use them as part of the Scheduled Exports function (Settings/Scheduled Exports).
    – Multiple Export configurations – in the current release, you can have only one. Would like to have multiple configs . . . with different fields and filters if possible.
    – Specify Directory for Exports (Archives) – rather than drop the files into the standard WP media directory, I’d like to be able to specify a target directory. That way, I can use a plugin like File Away ( to share the Exports via a web page without also sharing all other media files.

    Let me know if these can make their way onto the roadmap.

    Thanks again.

  12. Hi,

    I am interested in buying Store Exporter Deluxe plugin for my WooCommerce website. I have tried already tried the free version of the plugin and facing an issue.

    I am exporting products to CSV and each time I do the data appears all messed up. This is because I have used commas and returns (new lines) in description and excerpt. I am primarily interested in using the XML type product feed. I want to make sure that the exported data appears the way it is expected, not as appeared in CSV format exported via free version.

    Can I be assured that the plugin will work perfectly?


  13. Hi!

    The importer works on my wordpress site but the accents (in French) don’t export well… for instance Gagné turns into Gagné – what setting should I change to get the proper entries?

      • Hi Mike! Yup Encoding is in UTF-8. I tried exporting to CSV and open with Apple Numbers and all characters are fine. However since my client mostly uses Excel – where I think the issue resides – do you know what setting to change so that characters show up properly?

        • CSV and Excel is never easy, we test against Excel 2013 which picks up the UTF-8 character encoding and initial BOM character perfectly, other releases of Excel… not so much. Your client can manually open the CSV by creating a new spreadsheet and selecting Data > Import from file then setting the File Encoding to UTF-8 to view and edit the spreadsheet within an older release of Excel, alternatively get them to install Open Office just for spreadsheet management.

    • Sure can! We’re rolling out support for serialized data/arrays within custom fields within the next Plugin update. To add custom fields to an export type scroll down to the Export Options meta box for that export type and enter the Post meta key on each line; or check our Usage document for more information :)

  14. Hi! Considering your product….looks like it’ll help with all reporting I’d like to pull from woocommerce, including customer emails, and order info. Quick question, though. I’d like to run a report on orders by attribute to help me get a handle on inventory. If I export orders that have multiple products, will each product purchased export to a new row or are all products included in one row for each order? Ultimately, I want to sort and subtotal counts for attributes ordered so I need a separate row for each product ordered. Thanks for your help!!!


    • Hi K, our Orders export type includes a Order Items Formatting option under Export Option to control how we display Order Items:

      – all in a single cell (e.g. Order 123,Item Name 1|Item Name 2|Item Name 3,Order Item details 1|2|3, etc.)
      – each Order Item on its own row (e.g. Order 123,Item Name 1,Order Item 1 details … new row … Order 123,Item Name 2, Order Item 2 details, etc.)
      – each Order Item following the last (e.g. Item Name 1, Order Item 1 details, Item Name 2, Order Item 2 details, Item Name 3, Order Item 3 details, etc.)

      Regarding filtering of Order Items and collation of data we’ll be adding filtering support and where possible sort support in a future Plugin update but will move any data collation (e.g. how many sales for a period of this Variant?) to our Store Reports Plugin, we’ll be announcing an private beta release to Store Exporter Deluxe and Product Importer Deluxe customers next week :)

  15. Hi there, this is a pre-purchase question. When exporting orders, will I be able to see which category each product item belongs to? And if a product belong to multiple categories, can I sort by category? Thanks!

  16. Even though I just bought an export from CodeCanyon, your solution looks like a better fit. However, I need to know if the actual card type data can be exported when I export orders? For example, we use the braintree payment gateway to accept card types: visa, mastercard, american express and discover (I also take paypal). I need the export file to list the actual card type, not just list the gatway (for paypal, listing paypal only is fine). Does your plugin do this? Secondly, any chance you can make is so that we can choose to only export only completed orders (for braintree payments) and paypal orders (all) received since the last export? This latter feature would be amazing since it would enable me to create an accounting system for a high volume website that merely parsed data from an excel sheet.

    • Hi energydrinks, thanks for contacting us, if you’d be willing to help us integrate support for BrainTree Payment Gateway within our Plugin I’d be happy to assign a free copy of our Plugin. We love integrating more Plugins into SED, shoot me an e-mail at

      Regarding support for ‘export all Orders with filtering since last export”, it’s on the cards, we’re focussed on developing and releasing our Store Importer Deluxe (SID) counterpart to close the loop on the massive volume of data store owners can now export out of their WooCommerce store, we’ll be switching back to serious SED development and getting this feature added within the month :)

  17. Hi,
    I seem to have spent days searching online for a plugin which will do what I need, and I’m thinking yours might be the one! I wanted to double check before purchasing:
    I am about to launch a site which will sell subscriptions and one-off products. I need an exporter where I can choose to export either the subscriptions, or the non-subscriptions, or both combined. I’d also like to be able to sort by SKU (which I’m pretty sure is one of the available columns on your plugin).
    One of the main things I needed to check was, when exporting subscriptions, I need to have the customer details as well, as I mail out physical products. Is this possible on one spreadsheet? subscription orders with SKU and customer shipping details?

    If your plugin can do that, and export both subscription orders and non-subscription orders, it’s definitely the one for me :o)

  18. Hi there

    I’m looking for plugins that will help manage WooCommerce Subscriptions/Subscribers – can you give any more information on how this plugin can help? What information does it export related to subscriptions? Is it able to filter current subscribers and export them as a CSV etc?


  19. Hi

    We are evaluating this Store Exporter Deluxe plugin for a project we have started. We use a few Custom Fields in WooCommerce. Would your plugin support custom fields in the export? If not directly, are there any indirect methods? Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi vyname, yes we provide support for custom fields without any programming or hooks/filters, see the Custom Product Meta/Order/Order Item/User and other Custom meta fields shown under the Export Options meta box on the Export screen :)

  20. Hi
    Just trying out the free version and want to check if the following are included in the deluxe version for exporting products:
    1. Will the actual featured image itself be exported?
    2. In my ‘Excerpt’ there is an image for each product (it indicates if the product has VAT relief on it or not) – will the actual image itself be included in the excerpt data?
    3. If the image in the ‘Excerpt’ is not exported there is a field in postmeta (disability_exemption) that indicates if the product has VAT relief – I assume I will be able to add this to the exported data in the ‘Custom Product Fields’ – as this does not do anything in the free version?

    Many thanks

    • Hi gillianw, to answer your questions :)

      1. Yes the Featured Image and Product Gallery are exported in Store Exporter Deluxe, this is a limitation in the free release
      2. The Product Description and Product Excerpt can both contain HTML, please note though that we do not scan the HTML contents for images and dynamically import them into your WooCommerce store, you will need to ensure that the URL is valid and links to an Image that exists at that URL
      3. You can add custom Product meta via the Custom Meta box under Export Options when the Product Export Type is selected, if the ‘disability_exception’ is a standard WooCommerce Product meta key I can easily add it to our native export engine :)

      • Hi
        2. Maybe I wasn’t clear, I wasn’t aking if you could import images to my WooCommerce store but if, when I exported data, it would export a picture that was referenced in the html in the Excerpt. I am guessing though if you don’t scan the html on the way in you also don’t do this on the way out.

        3. We are using the WooCommerce Disability VAT Exemption plug in so yes it is a standard meta key that Woo adds with this.

        I will confirm with my client that they definately want to use this plug in and get back to you as it would be great if the extra meta key could be added at your end. Many thanks


      • Hi
        We definately want this plug in. The WooCommerce meta key for disability vat exemption is called disability_exemption – it would be great if you could add this to the native export engine. How do I go about purchasing a version with this in? Thanks.

  21. Hello,
    We would like to use the Store Exporter Deluxe version to export order and product reports. I was wondering if we are able to customize our report with fields from both the Product field and Sales fields?
    For instance, are we able to export a customer name, zip code, order total and product names? Or will the reports be limited fields within the Product reports or Sales reports?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for the suggestion, this kind of data collation is beyond the scope of our Plugin, we’ll be announcing a detailed reporting Plugin for WooCommerce in the near future with this level of functionality and include an export engine to get those reports into the same formats we offer here (CSV, XML, XLS (Excel 2007) and others). Unfortunately with our focus on import/export this quarter I can’t confirm an ETA for this Plugin but it is in the pipeline and when it is ready will be something we will be proud to offer to the WooCommerce community.

      Regarding customizing our Plugin you could create a custom add-on for our Store Exporter Deluxe by working with a WordPress developer, we offer a range of hooks/filters that a developer can use to extend our export templates to include additional information :)

      • Hi Michael,
        Thank you for the detailed explanation. I will check back eventually to see if a custom plugin will be available for my purposes.

        Thank you again,

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  23. Hi,

    I’m wondering if your plugin does a particular function I’m looking for. I’d like to get an export of all of the customers who have purchased a particular product. This is useful when I need to do a product recall, product update, or something else along those lines. So if I have a product (“Product X”) I want to be able to export contact information for every customer who has purchased “Product X” . I do not need their other product purchases or other purchase history, I am only concerned about the relation between a certain product and the customers who have purchased that particular product. Does your plugin do this?


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