This Plugin allows store customers to review their order status without having to register as a WordPress User prior to Checkout.

WP e-Commerce Compatibility

  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.8.12)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Order Tracking Pack.

20 thoughts on “Order Tracking

  1. Hello. I have a client whose product requires some customization before it is shipped out. He does NOT want to sell products on his website (not yet), but he DOES want his customers to be able to login and track the status of their orders.

    He would, essentially, like to enter the order information into the back end, and have the customer receive an email with the order and tracking information.

    Is this kind of thing possible with your plugin?


  2. I have the most up to date version and I found a bug. When someone looks up their session ID by entering there first name and last name and email address – if the order is closed it will not find the session id. Comes up as no session found.

  3. There are no screenshots or further details on how this plugin actually works or looks. How does this plugin enable users to track their purchases through the WPEC store. Is it through the user’s profile page in WPEC? I would be interested in this plugin if there were more information.

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Order Tracking comes with a Quick Start document (readme.txt) to help with installing the Plugin. Additional support can be found from the Contact page or methods below.

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