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  • Add to Wishlist icon

    Add to Wishlist

    Allow regular visitors to your WP e-Commerce shop the ability to save products to their personal Favourites list.

  • Commission King icon

    Commission King

    Track and pay commissions to users on any products within your WooCommerce store.

  • Custom Fields icon

    Custom Fields

    Add and manage custom Product meta details within WP e-Commerce.

  • Download Expiry icon

    Download Expiry

    Provide electronic purchases to customers on a time-based expiry model within WP e-Commerce.

  • Download Manager icon

    Download Manager

    Provide download management tools to customers of your WP e-Commerce store.

  • eCheque Payments icon

    eCheque Payments

    Allows WooCommerce store owners to accept e-Cheques for manual deposit into the store owner’s bank account.

  • Edit Orders icon

    Edit Orders

    Edit existing Orders within WP e-Commerce.

  • Facebook Like Button icon

    Facebook Like Button

    Enables visitors to your WP e-Commerce store to make connections to Product pages and share content back to their friends on Facebook with one click.

  • Facebook Share icon

    Facebook Share

    Enables visitors to your WP e-Commerce store to share Product pages on their Facebook Wall.

  • Google +1 Button icon

    Google +1 Button

    Adds a Google +1 button to the WP e-Commerce Product page.

  • Manage Permalinks icon

    Manage Permalinks

    Manage WP e-Commerce Page Permalinks.

  • Manual Ordering icon

    Manual Ordering

    Manually process orders on behalf of the customer within WP e-Commerce.

  • Offline Credit Card Processing icon

    Offline Credit Card Processing

    Accept credit card information during Checkout with Jigoshop, WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce, and process Orders securely offline.

  • Order Tracking icon

    Order Tracking

    Enable WP e-Commerce store customers to check on the order status of their purchases, without requiring WordPress User registration.

  • Printable Invoices icon

    Printable Invoices

    Printable Invoices for WP e-Commerce allows you to send detailed invoices along with (or instead of) the Purchase Receipt for each sale.

  • Product Enquiry icon

    Product Enquiry

    Enable site visitors to contact you directly regarding a Product within your WP e-Commerce store.

  • Product Importer icon

    Product Importer

    Product Importer is a free import Plugin for WordPress that enables store owners to bulk import Product details from simple formatted files.

  • Product Importer Deluxe icon

    Product Importer Deluxe

    Mass import hundreds, even thousands of detailed products into your store with Product Importer Deluxe.

  • Product Versioning icon

    Product Versioning

    Versioning for Products within WP e-Commerce.

  • Related Products icon

    Related Products

    Show related products to your customers within the Single Product template of WP e-Commerce.

  • Send to a Friend icon

    Send to a Friend

    Allow your site visitors to tell their friends about your site and products through a simple mail form.

  • Store Credit icon

    Store Credit

    Create store credit style coupons in your WooCommerce store.

  • Store Exporter icon

    Store Exporter

    Export store details out of WooCommerce, Jigoshop, Exchange or WP e-Commerce into simple formatted files (e.g. CSV, XML, TXT, etc.).

  • Store Exporter Deluxe icon

    Store Exporter Deluxe

    Unlock the business focused e-commerce features within Store Exporter.

  • Store Reports icon

    Store Reports

    View live stock levels, products sold and customer sales across your WP e-Commerce store with Store Reports for WP e-Commerce.

  • Store Toolkit icon

    Store Toolkit

    A growing set of commonly-used e-Commerce administration tools.