Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing for WooCommerce

The 1.2 Plugin update of OCCP for WooCommerce fixes compatibility with WooCommerce 2.1 and adds jQuery based numeric digits only support for the Card Number and Card CSC fields at Checkout.

Here’s the full changelog:

* Added: Limit Card Number and CSC to numeric digits
* Changed: Dropped $woo_oc global
* Added: Using Plugin constants
* Added: Maxlength of CSC field depending on card type
* Fixed: No Checkout screen on WooCommerce 2.1

3 thoughts on “Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing for WooCommerce

  1. Any update on commission king, I still have had no reply to around 3 tickets I left in the last 7 weeks which seems unusual to be honest! I would not ever do this but I have been resorting to leaving comments on the blogs and plugin pages to even get a response here.

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